Au Revoir 2009 ~

Lately, my thoughts have been about my adventures during 2009.  The year flew by so quickly that I needed time to reminisce…  and begin to dream of 2010. 
Photo courtesy of Printemps, Paris
Although I’m not one to make resolutions, I do like to journal my hopes for the upcoming year.
This year, I wish to slow down and savour each day rather than be in a rush and let the days drift away without much thought.  I also hope to minimize the time I watch TV.  It’s true, I do love TV. 
A couple of weeks ago, my husband enrolled me at his gym.  He asked if we could exercise together on his days off.  I agreed.  Our younger son commented “But Mom, I thought you don’t like to sweat?”.  He knows me all too well.  While I do believe in the importance of being healthy, this may be a challenge for me. 
What are your wishes for 2010, dear readers?
Au revoir 2009 ~ you were a good year!

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