Not Ooh La La

*I won’t be posting tomorrow, so I’ve decided to post twice today* 

From time to time, I come across photos and wonder “What are they are thinking?”…. When I saw these photos I knew I had to post a, as my daughter would say, “Not, Ooh La La” list.   

Japanese artist Tetsuya has created samurai suits designed to appeal to the fashion conscious warrior.  This suit is made from resin, cashew lacquer, cloth and glass.  I suppose the suit sports the Chanel logo in an effort to flaunt his exquisite taste while cracking someone’s skull?
A peak at Karl’s “Coco a Go-Go” shoot featuring Miss Dirty Martini and Jane Schmitt as Coco.  Dear Karl, I’m fairly certain Coco would not approve.
Karl, widely known for his unkind remarks toward curvy women, teamed with V Magazine to create this photo shoot.  Although, some of the photos are fun, I believe these are Not Ooh La La.
I have no words ….
The next post will be pretty, I promise!  Au Revoir ~  xoxo, B

6 thoughts on “Not Ooh La La

  1. Couture Millinery Atelier. says:

    You really have to smile at al of it!:-) Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the heads of people who create/wear strange things.Reagrding Karl Lagerfeld's photograph – I do not think Coco would agree:-) She always thought that true beauty can be found only in the body of a thin women.:-) I do find his new interpritation funny.
    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my very own Moulin Rouge moment – it made feel much better!:-)


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