Ooh La La List ~

                                          for the week ~

Blouse I am desperately searching for!  It would be perfect with my new satin D&G pencil skirt!  Photo: Dustjacket Attic
Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Rose
Fenton-Fallon for J Crew, Crystal Carrington Bow Necklace
I must admit, I have been pleasantly surprised at J Crew’s jewelry collection.  This necklace may be added to my wardrobe very soon!
Dior Coquette 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette
Christofle Champagne Straws ~ so the champagne doesn’t disturb your lipstick
Chanel Pearl Cuff
I am smitten with this Chanel cuff!
Au Revoir!  xoxo, B



7 thoughts on “Ooh La La List ~

  1. Couture Millinery Atelier. says:

    Fantastic list, in my opinion. With Chanel cuff being my favorite.The blouse and the necklace look divine too! Hoping you will be able to find blouse just like this one and add this necklace to your wardrobe collection.:-) Wishing you the most wonderful January weekend!


  2. lady jicky says:

    Oooo, a BYO (Bring Your Own – that is what we call a restaurant / cafe that you can bring your own wine to , a BYO cafe etc) anyway – a BYO champagne straw! Wow! that is Ooh la la and I am very interested in the Dior eyeshadows , I wonder if they have hit Australia yet – we do not get all the ranges that the US or Europe get sadly.


  3. Belle Vie says:

    Anya, the Chanel cuff is my favourite too. I'm over the moon in love! I am now searching for the blouse. I have my heart set on it.
    I hope you are having a lovely weekend also!

    Thank you, Carrie and Frenchie ~ I'm happy you like the Ooh La La list.

    DA thank you for letting me know the designers! The YSL is exquisite!!

    Lady Jickey, I would pick this champagne (among several others I enjoy ;)and straws to bring to the cafe. While at the Christofle boutique in Chicago last month, I sought to purchase them. Unfortunately, they were out of stock.
    If you're familiar with Dior eyeshadows, you know how wonderful they are. They seem to glide on. I have a drawer full of them. I, too, hope you can find them locally. If not, I'm certain a boutique will send them to you. They are part of the spring collection and arriving in boutiques this week.

    xoxo, B


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