Ooh La La List ~

It’s been awhile since I have posted an Ooh La List.  To be honest, I haven’t done much shopping lately!  I’ve been too busy and really don’t need to add too much to my spring and summer wardrobe.  However, I do want to give reviews of a few of the purchases I have made ….
First, this one is long overdue.  The new Chanel Coco Rouge lipsticks are dreamy!  I anxiously awaited their arrival and was at the counter the day they launched.  As promised, they are moisturizing and come in wearable colours.  I chose three:  Ruban Rose, Byzantan and Orchidee ~

 Another favourite line is Julie Hewett.  Her lipsticks are phenominal.  I am also a fan of the Camelia lip balm ~
Noir Collection
Camelia Lip Balm Tube
If you are looking to update your spring and summer wardrobe only a small bit, I highly recommend looking into Chanel and J.H. lipsticks.
Next on my list is the YSL Golden Gloss.  I met a girlfriend at the mall last Thursday for a little shopping. Our first stop was the YSL counter. If it wasn’t for my vow to stop purchasing lip glosses, this little number would have ended up in my shopping bag… I can’t stop thinking about the beautiful shimmer that was swiped across my lips! This beautiful shimmering, sheer gloss contains flecks of 24K gold that will give a twinkle to your lips. It will enhance your natural lip if worn alone or it can be applied over any lipstick. I’ve decided to return for it.. I love it on top of lipsticks ♥ The next time you’re at the YSL counter, take a moment and try it… I’m certain you will fall for it as we did!

The limited edition Y-Mail complexion powder is exquisite.  I cannot resist anything in this packaging. Not only will the package make you swoon, but this truly will enhance your complexion! I give it five stars ~

I needed to replace my Chanel blush brush. Chanel makes my absolute favourite brushes, they will last forever if properly cared for. I have found the Pinceau A Paupieres Shadow/Liner Brush #4 to be the most useful . I no longer purchase eyeliner as I now use this brush to apply wet eye shadow as a liner, it can be used to smudge for a smokey effect, and achieve the perfect cat eye as well ~
These Fendi Bow-embellished satin pumps are spectacular! I have them in black but I adore the ivory for spring ~
I also want to wish my dear friend, Anita, from Castles, Crowns and Cottages a very happy birthday! 
birthday wishes to you, Anita!
 I’m certain most of you are familiar with her wonderland of a blog.  If not, please visit her.  She is one of the most creative storytellers I have ever met.  As most of you know, I do love to dream!  Her storytelling will take you to Neverland ….

Au Revoir!  xoxo, B

14 thoughts on “Ooh La La List ~

  1. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    Oh mon dieu….this is such a nice surprise to come here, enjoy a wonderful post on lipstick (I thank you so much because I need to go out and buy some!!!) and then those gorgeous shoes and bags, THEN……a wonderful birthday wish from a lovely friend…..Merci mon amie, mille fois!!! I am very honored!

    Now you go out and have a fabulous day, enjoy every moment of this great weather, and come by anytime for a slice of French fun and some cake….we are always celebrating at Castles Crowns and COttages!!!

    Bisous! Anita


  2. myletterstoemily says:

    dear belle vie,

    thank you for the amazing make up tips! i loathe
    shopping but must wear clothes, of course, make
    up, so i am grateful when a knowledgeable lady
    steers me directly to the perfect item.

    i must say, also, that your advice is given so sweetly
    that you must be a very nice person.

    will be back after i make some purchases. 🙂



  3. *Chic Provence* says:

    That reminds me..I need to get out and check out the Coco Rouge lipstick line..I love the way they are looking, and I always love the brand, smells like roses!

    lovely post, thanks!



  4. Lily Lemontree says:

    I must agree with you about Rita, she is a fabulous writer, always enjoy visiting her blog. I must stop by and wish her a happy birthday!
    Such great suggestions and those pumps are to-die-for!


  5. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    Good morning beautiful Parisienne!

    NOW I REMEMBER WHERE I GOT THAT INCREDIBLE PINK TREE! I had this image in my file, and I just now see that it is here that I must have first seen it!!! I am putting a link to your magnificent sight via this image. How are you dearest? How is your shoulder? Remember I told you about Cobroxin? It is a very gentle but effective topical application that works wonders. I told you that I used it on my thumb that was giving me problems, and as a harpist, we can't have that! My thumb is normal now!!!! We just saw it at our local CVS pharmacy and is now available off the shelves. My husband had ordered it on line, but is now available. Please try it and let me know how it works. I was thinking of your shoulder yesterday!!!! Have an incredible weekend ma belle! Anita


  6. Rosie says:

    Thanks for popping over…Yes, I cherish my friends…and have made some very special connections in “blogland”…wishing you a very S*U*N*N*Y Sunday…Smile on Rosie


  7. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    Ma precieuse belle,

    Thank you for coming over to begin the tour of what nature has to offer us for imagining our decorating ventures! I am lovin' life the beautiful Sunday; we have two darling wild rabbits in our garden, a robin is building a nest under our front door overhang and it is quiet and still. I am drawing a picture of Marie Antoinette using some beautiful watercolour pencils given to me by Penny, from Angelsdoor and some from my husband. I will go to play my harp in a few hours and what fun it is to create. I am so glad to hear that your shoulder is better and I am assuming that you are younger than me, and having to deal with that kind of pain at any age is no fun! Isn't that blue velvet chase lounge just fabulous? Rose Mille is a fun store in Stillwater, our favorite town. Near the Wisconsin and Minnesota border, this place is a favorite weekend getaway for us in the summer. We are only about 30 minutes away and this town is loaded with antique stores, Shabby Chic shops and book stores…and a fun garden shop that has a patio with bunnies. My husband loves that place as much as I do and we just get a kick out of it!

    Well, dream on and make life beautiful, as I am sure you do…bisous ma belle, Anita


  8. Rosie says:

    What is it about a simple tube of lipstick, that creates such a feeling of D~E~C~A~D~E~N~C~E among us girls…it is a masterpiece…Happy Tuesday…Rosie


  9. Hope Ava says:

    Oh my goodness that powder compact is to die for! I have such a weakness for beautiful packaging…I have bought sets in colors that I already had way too many of simply because I couldn't resist the lovely design! And I won't even go into my addiction for lipsticks and glosses…now I'm dying to try that Camelia lip balm. Thank you so much for leaving that beautiful comment on my blog…it is wonderful advice and I am taking it very much to heart!

    Have a wonderful weekend full of beauty, love, and indulgence!
    Hope Ava


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