Grey Skies ~

         Rain, Rain go away… on second thought, come back!  We’re having terrible storms this week.  However, I don’t mind.  I’m one of those people that love thunderstorms.  I love the look of the sky, the sound of thunder and the rainbow that appears once the clouds have cleared..

Another reason I love rain ~ umbrellas!  I look for any reason to bring out a Chantal Thomass umbrella. She makes striking umbrellas that will make you wish for grey skies!
My favourite umbrella to carry ~ Noeud Drape
A chic umbrella is an essential in every wardrobe.  Unfortunately, the tote umbrella has destroyed the romance of carrying a fabulous umbrella.
I’m always puzzled by the number of people that spend much thought on their ensemble only to carry a revolting umbrella.
I feel it’s the final touch to chic silhouette.  Not only is it a beautiful item to carry in your hand, it gives instant allure.

                                                                   My top umbrella picks ~

Guy de Jean “Cancan” ~ she’s on my Mother’s Day wishlist
Bella Umbrella Signature Pagoda ~ I just purchased this one in ravishing red but have yet to receive it.  This fabulous umbrella comes in an array of colours!


Chantal Thomass ~ Tulle Fronce.  This doesn’t seem practical but yet, I’m not a practical girl either
Pasotti Pink Dahlia
Of course, I’m smitten with anything from Ladurée
Lulu Guinness’ whimsical Birdcage umbrella 
No rain?  No problem!  Parasols are great to shield the sun.
In Paris, be sure to stop by Madeleine Gély’s on avenue Saint-Germain ~ A charming shop with a large selection, also accepts special orders.
Have a beautiful weekend!  xoxo, B



23 thoughts on “Grey Skies ~

  1. Rosie says:

    singing in the rain…what a beautiful post. It makes me want to go umbrella shopping…they really are adorable as is your site…wishing you an enjoyable weekend…smile on Rosie


  2. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    Ahhhhhh… about dreamy, sublime and gorgeous; dearest, your world is mine. Thank you for coming to share my visions and for stepping into my love for MA and her Hameau, and for taking a peek at Rabbit Hill, my beloved cottage. How wonderful as well, for you to share a snapshot of your life with your sweet children and loves. Thank you for always being a kind and encouraging friend. YOUR PHOTOS and thoughtful posts are most admired and that first pink parasol, OH CHÈRIE, I hope you get it for Mum's Day!!!!! LET US KNOW IF YOU DO!!!!

    Have a magnificent weekend and do stop by anytime for tea. With much love and admiration, Anita


  3. High Heeled Life says:

    Such a lovely post. Thank you for the inspiration – I really like the Bella Umbrella Signature Pagoda and the Pasotti Pink Dahlia. I'm going to look them up. I agree umbrellas are an over-looked accessory – that give a little ohh la la to an outfit! Have a great week-end!


  4. Ijeoma says:

    My word! What beautiful umbrellas! My favourites are the Noeud Drape, and the Guy de Jean Cancan. We are having an amazing springtime here in Venice Italy, but now am secretly looking forward to winter! Any reason to carry those gorgeous things, and you are absolutely right, they do bring a touch of feminine glamour. Cheers my dear for bringing them to our attention!


  5. M.A.the2nd says:

    I love thunderstorms as well… they are so exciting and the sound of the thunder and the lightning streaking across the sky is nature at its very best! I love the Lulu Guiness birdcage umbrella … gorgeous! Lovely post… come and visit anytime!
    Have a great Sunday


  6. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    Bonjour ma belle! Just popping over again to say thank you AGAIN for such a loving comment yesterday. Oh how I wish you could visit with me and go to Rose Mille, Victory and other fabulous shops in my area, but most of all, tea time at my Rabbit Hill. Hope the weather is better for you today….Bisous, Anita


  7. Laura says:

    I love this post!! I think my favorite is the top umbrella with the big bow. Fabulous!! I don't give much thought here in Southern California to umbrellas and it appears I am missing out on some beautiful ones! Oh wait…perhaps I can order one to shield myself from the sun! 🙂
    A wonderful day to you,


  8. Couture Millinery Atelier. says:

    Oh, I love your selection of fabulous umbrellas!I bought one amazing umbrella in London last Fall and it is absolutely beautiful. :-)Thank you for the wonderful tip in the umbrella store in Paris.:-)))I am wishing you wonderful week. It is rainy here in New York too.
    P.S. I can not wait to try pink martini.:-)


  9. Hope Ava says:

    Oh these are so fabulous it hurts!! I love the pink ruffled one…it is just so me. And that pink and black tulle one is so perfect that it's impracticality is irrelevant. I wish I'd had that one for my wedding photos! But I think my favorite one might be the sweet surprise of that pink bloom underneath the sensible black top. I must have that!!

    Thanks for such a fun post! Have a wonderful week!
    Hope Ava


  10. Couture Millinery Atelier. says:

    I am so sorry to hear that you were sick with bronchites! I know it can take a while to recover and I wish you to get well very fast! My daughter Anastasia is recovering from her bronchites as well. I am wishing you wonderful the rest of the week. I think you should take it easy and just try to take care of yourself. Sending you millinions of “get well” sun bunnies.:-)


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