Ooh La La List

I can’t begin to count everything on my wishlist for autumn!  There are so many beautiful choices this season.  Below is a list of my favourite products, whether new or ones that I keep going back to.

These YSL heels took my breath away!  The colour is magnificent!

Assymetric Mary Jane Platform

Julie Hewitt lipsticks and lip balms are amazing!  The website gives a description of the understones for the noir collection, as well as which skintones the colours compliment.  I have only tried the lipsticks and lip balm so I cannot review on the rest of her products. 

Noir Collection set
Organic Camellia lip balm.  This comes in a tube also.  As you can see, this product has many wonderful ingredients.
I’ve been a fan of this line for quite sometime.  I love each product I have tried!  I was thrilled when they began shipping to the US.  In the past, I relied on a friend to ship from the UK.  Isn’t this peacock gift box lovely?
Rose and Co Apothecary

Nanette Lepore is a romantic clothing line.  She knows how to fit a woman’s body and make you feel elegant.  I purchased this dress for my birthday dinner.  Not only will it look fabulous with my favourite Louboutin pumps, but also with tights and knee boots.

Casino Royale Dress
Classic Chanel ballerina flats. Ballerina flats belong in every wardrobe.  I frequently wear mine, they’re comfortable and look chic with almost every ensemble.  I want to add another pair of Chanel this season.  Pretty Ballerinas make stunning flats also.
Chanel Ballerinas
Pretty Ballerinas
Wishing you a beautiful week!  xoxo, B

9 thoughts on “Ooh La La List

  1. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    BONJOUR MA BELLE! O.K., those shoes….I am 52 years old, but I can still march on in a pair of pumps, no matter how high! And then the ballet slippers at the end of this glorious post…I can do those too! You are so classy ma belle! How are you? How are the kids doing in school? I start NEXT WEEK!!!! BISOUS, Anita


  2. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    Oh I love your music…I am well dear one…school meetings this week, and next week is LA RENTRÉE, but we can do it. You are now back and it will be wild, but it will be a glorious day when you are done!!! Oh, I am just going to sit back a bit and listen to your great music…..zzzzzzzzzzzz


  3. High Heeled Life says:

    What a beautiful wish list!!! You have inspired me to take a closer look at Chanel ballerina flats … I'm not readyto give up heels – but my ankle, hip, and back are saying otherwise….hugs..HHL


  4. Rosie says:

    Oh my dear girl…those are gorgeous shoes! YES the jewel tones are delicious…I however, value my life and would not survive 10 minutes in heels of that height…
    Thanks so much for popping in once again… Life is just CrAzY and will continue this way for some time I fear…I will stop back when I can…I am so grateful for you my dear girl…have a JOY~filled week…love Rosie


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