Santa Baby ~

slip a sable under the tree, for me
an out-of-space convertible too, light blue
I’ve been an angel all year
Think of all of the fun I missed
next year I could be oh so good
Santa honey, I want a yacht and really that’s not a lot
there’s one thing I really do need, a deed to a platinum mine
with some decorations bought at Tiffany’s


I really do believe in you… so hurry down the chimney tonight! 

I know it’s a ’54 convertible 😉  my son sang it this way when he was a little guy, and we still do!

xoxo, B

12 thoughts on “Santa Baby ~

  1. {Bellamere Cottage} says:

    Simply adorable…. We have things we still say like my daughter did when she was little too…. A fork will always and forever be a WARK… 🙂

    Warm blessings,

    PS… when you get finished with Santa, will you please send him on over to me??


  2. Laura says:

    Ohhhhh now that is an impressive wish list!! Here's to hopes that you receive something from it! (Clink of the wine glasses 🙂

    Merry Christmas from Our Scented Cottage!


  3. Rosie says:

    Oh Brenda,
    This is SO cute!…giggle…I love this little song…well done dear one.
    Just a quick note (as that is all I have time for these days) to thank you for the L*O*V*E you sprinkled all over my site through out this last year and wish you and your beautiful family All the JOY this perfect season brings…MERRY CHRISTMAS dear one xoxo…Rosie


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