Elie Saab ~

Known for his beautifully feminine and stunningly intricate creations, Elie Saab is one of the few couturiers left in the world.  Each season I await with anticipation for his new collection to be showcased.  His designs evoke romanticism and old hollywood glamour.  I envision Jean Harlow wearing one of his gowns if she were alive today.

I was astonished when I viewed photos his Paris residence!
Spring/Summer ’11
xoxo, B


5 thoughts on “Elie Saab ~

  1. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    OH MY GOSH this is a post so elegant and rare as is a REAL PARISIAN COUTURIER!!!! Dearest one, the images are just stunning and make me WANT TO have at least ONE design by a good couturier. But look at the chandeliers, the architecture…speaking of which, you are going back to class! You are going to be done quite soon,n'est-ce pas? And you mentioned that you would love to take photography!!!! Kristin over at Page of Inspiration and my local blogging pal Suzan from Privet and Holly take classes and have excellent cameras. Their photos are STUNNING! That is one thing I would also love to do, LEARN TO TAKE GOOD PICTURES with a good camera!

    Thank you for visiting; terriers are a hoot aren't they? I encountered one on La Rue St. Honoré in Paris about 8 years ago that just stole my heart. I wrote a little short story/poem about him and I hope to publish it one day. I am working on the drawings at the moment. The renderings are really easy, pen and ink drawings, but our addition project and work just haven't allowed me much time.

    Well my dearest, you are such a great friend and I thank you for your kindness. Have a wonderful and productive day!!! BISES, Anita


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