Bon Weekend ~

antique Baccarat chandelier

Swiss Alps

2 oz. Hpnotiq

2 oz. White Crème de Cacao
Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass.
Garnish with white chocolate.

And when you prepare this delicious cocktail, close your eyes and remember how amazing your life is!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!  xoxo, B
images google, Hpnotiq

9 thoughts on “Bon Weekend ~

  1. "Create Beauty" says:

    LOVE that blue chandelier! What a lovely blog, I've so enjoyed visiting here. The designer dresses I just viewed are the most gorgeous I've ever seen…
    What beauty you have showcased here!!!
    ~ Violet


  2. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    OH I SEE MY PAL HAS COME ON BY! She is my glitter sister and she loves all things French as well! THIS IS A DIVINE, I MEAN PERFECT LITTLE POST! That blue drink, that Versailles door and that chandy….bring it on dearest….you really know how to celebrate the weekend!

    We are having a thaw, can you believe that? No snow, and I hope, none for a while. We have HUGE drifts that really need to melt down! Enjoy some relaxation this weekend before the busy week starts up again. I am relishing every hard working moment here in my home.

    Grosses bises mon amie! Anita


  3. M.A.the2nd says:

    Oh my …. that looks gorgeous! I would definitely LOVE to sip that cocktail sitting under that divine antique Baccarat chandelier with hopefully someone bringing in canapes through the elegant Versailles French doors!!
    Have a beautiful week-end too and such a lovely post!
    best wishes
    M.A. the 2nd


  4. Fay says:

    ohhhh delicious Baccarat the museum and restaurant are two of my favourite places THANKYOU and the Versailes mmmmmm enjoy your week good way to start Monday fay xxxx


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