Spring ~

Today, I spent the day with my fabulous husband… we ate lunch at one of our favourite dining establishments and wandered around the art museum.  It was a beautiful day.. the sun was shining, the ducks swimming along in the pond, people were riding bikes and walking their dogs.  We felt the spring season has arrived, finally.  It has been an especially long, cold and snowy winter here.  I’ve entertained the thought of spending a few days in South Beach/Key West just to warm up!  Lately I have been dreaming of sundresses, sandals, pretty pedicures and sunkissed complexions. 
I was too late in ordering this blouse.. it was sold out.  Isn’t it lovely?

xoxo, B
photos via here, here, herehere and here

4 thoughts on “Spring ~

  1. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    Good morning lovely one! Every single photos….DIVINE! Yes, even I, who can barrel through winter, am thinking of gardening, lighter clothing and replenishment for my skins, my eyes, my HEART!!!! BEAUTIFUL POST MA CHÈRIE, Anita


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