Rock Star Abode ~

It’s been said, if someone has the creativity gene, they are creative across various mediums.  If this is true, Lenny Kravitz certainly has that gene!

Not only has the multiple Grammy winner established himself as a rock icon, but he’s also known for his sense of style.  Roberto Cavalli commented Kravitz’ SoHo home was the sexiest apartment he has ever seen.
Kravitz’ design firm can be hired to transform hotels and private residences, he also designs furniture.  His design firm, Kravitz Design, opened in 2003.
His four-story mansion in the 16th arrondissement in Paris features a lucite grand piano, made by the German company Schimmel.  When asked to describe his style, ”It’s a mix of Miles Davis, Yves Saint Laurent and Helmut Newton,” he said.   
He undoubtedly loves white rooms with lots of texture.  He created interest with a mix of modern furniture, tusks and classic architecture.  How fabulous are the chandeliers?  The one in the above photo can be found on his website in The Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection.
I like the contrast of the dark paneled walls, flooring and dining room table with the light ceiling, crystal chandelier and candlesticks.
Kravitz’ home is filled with Modernist glam masterpieces by Paul Evans, Gabriella Crespi, Pedro Friedeberg, Michel Ducaroy, Joe Colombo, and Philippe Hiquily. Artwork by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol.

Pedro Friedeberg 1960’s carved Hand-Foot Chair ~ a Kelly Wearstler touch. 
Lenny has been quoted to say that if he wasn’t a musician, he would have pursued a career in interior design.  His approach to interiors, “I love things that are rooted in classic styles. You’ll see quite a blend of furniture. You might see an art nouveau chair next to a chair from the ’60s. There’s a lot of styles to it, because like in music—I’m well versed in style—so it could be completely modern, it could be classic in different styles. It has to be comfortable, it has to have sensuality to it.”

The french arichtectural details in his bedroom are exquisite ~ the arched windows, paneled walls and molding.
How beautiful are the parquet floors?

xoxo, B
photos via French AD

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