Bon Weekend ~

Incredibly beautiful photograph of Paris in the spring that makes me feel happy, wishing I was sitting on that park bench with my husband, nibbling on macarons.., however, my real weekend plans are equally as lovely.. spending time with family and friends.
J’adore le weekend!   xoxo, B
photos via pinterest and here

7 thoughts on “Bon Weekend ~

  1. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    Oh comme j'adore le weekend, et maintenant, C'EST LES VACANCES! I am now on Spring Break and I am going to love EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF IT!!! What a gorgeous image of Paris…and PINK is the color of Paris. Oh dearest, you TOO had a blanket of SNOW? SHEESH, we are both on the same snow belt! BUT IT HAS TO STOP…oh dear, when? ENJOY YOUR PLANS FOR THE WEEKEND! Grosses bises, Anita


  2. Loree says:

    Oh j'adore le weekend aussi. That park is beautiful and I wish I was there too. I introduced myself to macarons last weekend – from McCafe (of all places). I am sure they are nothing like the ones from Paris but I had to make do.


  3. BonjourRomance says:

    The top photo is gorgeous. It is starting to looks just like that. Last week was all sunshine and blue skies, but a bit of rain today. But the rain is what will give us all those beautiful blooms right? Enjoy your lovely weekend with your family!


  4. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    Ahhhh…you too still have the white stuff…we are patiently waiting, and waiting. My spring break has BEGUN and I am letting the days just embrace me with QUIET, reading, writing, drawing, sleeping!!!! Like the cycle dictates, we shall SEE SPRING…maybe we will get it at the same time, dearest! But in the meanwhile, let us go out there and have FUNNNNNNNNN!!!! BISOUS MA BELLE! Anita


  5. Vagabonde says:

    Je viens de trouver votre blog car vous avez un nom en français et je vois que vous parlez français aussi “bon weekend” – vous avez de si jolies photos et la photo avec la Tour derrière est plein de mystère. Je serai à Paris dans quelques semaines et j’espère que le temps sera aussi beau que dans votre photo. On a un studio dans le Marais, il n’y a pas trop de parcs mais on a la Place des Vosges et on est à côté de Beaubourg malgré tout. Et puis ce n’est qu’un pas pour aller au bord de la Seine. Dans quel arrondissement habitez-vous à Paris?


  6. The Glamorous Gourmet says:

    Oh those macarons look divine! They remind me of the last time I was in Paris with my husband sitting outside La Duree sipping rose Champagne and eating macarons – heaven:) Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!


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