A Beautiful Monday

Sorry for the delay in posts this week.  I had finals and other papers due this week.  I’m thrilled to have my finals behind me.. and before beginning more classes for summer, my husband and I are slipping away to NYC.  I’m especially looking forward to Savage Beauty at the MOMA.
Wishing you a most lovely week!  xoxo, B
photo via Rachel Vance

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Monday

  1. Fay says:

    how lovely to have it all behind you

    and lucky you to see the A MC ENJOY i guess it will come to Italy or London or Paris sooner or later …..waiting fo rmore pix !

    thanx for your visit a always

    hope all goes well fay xxx


  2. myletterstoemily says:

    congratulations on surviving finals! i hope you have a
    wonderful time in one of my favorite cities.

    i love the quote on your sugar packet and will try my
    best to say 5 sweet things each day.


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