A Dose of Glamour ~ Elie Saab

I’ve had a long love affair with Elie Saab’s haute couture collections.  His cascading gowns, coupled with models donning romantic, side swept chignons, seem as if they’re from another era, telling a story of ‘happily ever after’ …
Season after season his gowns are flourished with miles of perfectly draped, embellished fabric that flows in all the right places …
An excellent example of his continuing legacy, is Saab’s Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 twinkling collection of winter whites, icy gray-blues, champagne, smokey gray and navy chiffon and tulle.  It’s nothing short of utterly breathtaking.
He really is a genius, isn’t he?   
Wishing you a beautiful week!  xoxo, B

7 thoughts on “A Dose of Glamour ~ Elie Saab

  1. Fay says:

    Hi there B ! yes it s 4am and roasting and what delight to see these ethereal gowns abd the shades are sheer perfection arent they ? Its SO hard to decide which one OR 4 to have ! the esspresso one with the sheer top looks pretty special THANKYOU enjoy the week Love fay xxx


  2. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    My goodness…I would most definitely find any excuse to wear one of these gowns, even if it were just for a photo shoot!!! And like Fay said and you mentioned, THE HUMIDITY and HEAT that we had yesterday was morbid! BUT as the day wore off, so did the humidity and it was a lOVELY DAY! Oh dearest, thank you for coming by.Ruben is a GENIUS in many many ways and not only is he a talented writer and professor, he is so good with the hammer and saw. Yep, he did all the shutters, overhangs and the gate in the garden. He opened up the old front room with the French doors to make a special room for my harp and though you can't see it on the blog, the MAIN BATH was 3 years of his hard work (during the completion of his Ph.D. dissertation) where he knocked out the old tub and then built an arched doorway into a HUGE walk-in shower. Yep, he is a master mind!

    Let's celebrate these men! HAVE A GREAT DAY DEAREST!!! Anita


  3. Loree says:

    Those gowns are exquisite. It would be lovely to have the perfect occasion to wear something so stunning. In the meantime, Iwill continue to dream.


  4. HHL says:

    WOW!! these are definitely breath taking!!! I'm so happy you received your package ..with the mail strike – I waited an extra week, after they went back to work , in case they decided to walk out again… I'm so glad you like the CO treat … enjoy my dear friend … xo HHL


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