Bon Weekend Plus One More ~

Another fabulously busy week with endless amounts of activities… and now, a weekend filled with dinner reservations with girlfriends, a couple of online quizzes and spending time working on a school project.

I’m taking a Computer Art Studio course and my project is to redesign something that you would like to make better.  I chose Christian Louboutin’s shoebox.  I need to create a display and a web page as well.  My instructor likes my designs so much that he feels I should send them to Mr Louboutin when they’re completed.  I really do love this project!
Also, I received a package this week from the lovely Celia from Falling Off a High-Heeled Life and Atteatude and Chocolate!

I won this pretty stationary set

… and, to my surprise, Celia sent Nougat Montelimar from Cake Opera Co.!  

Two things I adore ~ stationary and nougat!   The nougat was delightful, and I’m certain you know who will receive my first letter from the new stationary set.

How pretty are her note cards and ribbon?!

Again, a big thank you to Celia!  Please stop by her blogs, I’m certain you will find them irresistible!

You can read my Cake Opera Co. post here.

What are your weekend plans?  I hope it’s beautiful where you are… 
xoxo, B
Photo via Chesley McLaren and Moi

6 thoughts on “Bon Weekend Plus One More ~

  1. Red Rose Alley says:

    I visited your blog today. Your fashion pictures are lovely. While reading it, I noticed that me and my daughters have the same interests as you do. They love fashon, travel, books, and Interior Design. In fact, my daughter, Jess, is an Interior Designer and has her degree in it. I see you dream of Paris. They went to Paris a couple years ago, and love everything about it! We will be doing a “Paris” Post soon. Me and my daughters just started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would enjoy comng back to visit with you and seeing all your unique fashion ideas. Hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


  2. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    Bonjour mon amie! Oh how kind and beautiful Cecilia is!!! And what a treat for you! Oh dearest, I just loved your visit yesterday! BOGIE IS SOOOOOOOO ADORABLE! He puts his little arms around those whom he loves…that just kills me with joy! I was over a friend's house yesterday who as a YELLOW LAB…a big, gorgeous, soft and chunky lab and he put his paw on my lap….teeeheeee…and he just looked at me with those huge eyes. I tell ya, the small things in life are the best.



  3. High Heeled Life says:

    Wishing you a beautiful week-end, mon ami… merci for the mention. I'm so happy that you enjoyed both. Unfortunetely Cake Opera does not deliver to the USA .. but anytime you need a little fix .. I will be happy to send you some. As a side note, they did the wedding cake for Nicole Richie …. next time I'm in their shop I will be sure to ask about taking photos inside… xo HHL


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