Beautiful Inspiration ~ Le Carnival de Versailles

On the evening of July 9th, the Orangerie of the Palais Versailles hosted the most splendorous masked ball ~ Le Carnival de Versailles.

When I saw these photos via The Cherry Blossom Girl, I began to envision what an enchanting evening this must be!  This is truly one of my life’s dreams to attend this magical event.


Quote from the event’s website“If there is one place where all the extravagances may be permitted it is certainly the Palace of Versailles. Let yourself be swept away in this baroque setting saturated with history. Be a royal figure, a courtier, a Venetian Doge, a musketeer, a Russian archduke, a lady in waiting or a Persian princess: the only requirement is to meet the demands of the Court. Some commoners may mingle with the guests, but they will do so at their own risk!”

At 10pm, a secret gate on the grounds will be open, allowing private access directly onto the boulevards of the Palace gardens. Guests will be able to pass through the gardens in procession, taking in the illuminated fountains on the way up to the terrace, in order to watch the fireworks scheduled at 11pm, before heading to the Palace Orangerie.

The ball itself promises to be nothing less than extraordinary, recreating the traditional Baroque atmosphere of a masquerade ball with the participation of contemporary musicians. Guests will have the exhilarating experience of being both actors and spectators, whilst musicians shift from a classical start to a more modern soundtrack ensuring that the party lasts until dawn.

I would slip into a most extragant party attire, à la Marie-Antoinette, for this frivolous ball hosted by art director, Frédéric Flamand. 

Wishing you a most lovely week!  xoxo, B

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Inspiration ~ Le Carnival de Versailles

  1. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    OH DEAR……what I would do to BE THERE!!!! Magic, beauty, total abandon in one of Europe's most memorable places, with the most beautiful accessories! OH DEAREST, ENJOY THAT POOLSIDE RETREAT! THANK YOU FOR THIS DELICIOUS FEAST on the eyes and dreams……Anita


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