GILT Free Glamour ~

One thing that you already know about me is that I’m incredibly smitten with glamour and champagne, so there is no wonder that I’ve fallen madly in love with GILT.

GILT Champagne lounge, located in London’s Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel in the heart of Knightsbridge, offers a drink menu of 10 Champagnes, several specialty champagne cocktails as well as the typical bar drinks. 
The 1940’s replica brass doors open at 6pm to welcome guests in to relax on sumptuous velvet chairs, sip champagne and nibble on a selection of decadent snacks such as langoustine tempura and foie gras pancakes with plum sauce.
The intimate lounge is bathed in hand-blown Murano glass screens made up of 4,500 glass balls and a chandelier made of 140 larger Murano glass spheres created by New York artist Suzan Etkins. 
The astonishing brass briquette floor tiles from De Ferranti’s Alchemy Collection set the foundation for this seductive venue.
Displayed on the bar is a large hand-cast glass champagne bowl filled with Pommery Champagne bottless.  The luxurious lounge also features lucite tables, cream leather banquettes of soft Scottish leather contrasting with chocolate velvet mohair seating.

Can you imagine a more perfect place to sip champagne?
xoxo, B

8 thoughts on “GILT Free Glamour ~

  1. Castles Crowns and Cottages says:

    Bonjour ma belle!

    Ahhh. You have touched a very happy nerve here! OUt of all the alcoholic drinks, CHAMPAGNE is the one for me. I surprised an old friend whose MANSION we visited out in California. It was a hot summer day, and what a party they were throwing on their estate. When he asked me if I wanted a beer, I said, “No thank you. Champagne please!” I knew he had it and could afford to open a bottle! But to sip it in a place like this? Oh yeah. Glamour is dying away from our society; I saw a young woman crossing the street the other day, and to my delight, I saw that she was wearing heels, a lovely forties-style dress, A HAT and she was carrying a clutch. Surprisingly, a man was coming the opposite direction wearing a suit and hat….now you just don't see that anymore. It was glorious.

    Have a lovely day ma belle, Anita


  2. Sonia says:

    Stunning! And I love champagne! Also love Marilyn Monroe's line in “Seven Year Itch” when she says her fave meal is “potato chips and champagne.”


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