A Hint of Fall

This morning, as I took a breath, I could feel just a hint of fall in the air.  Bella asked me to close my eyes and guess what little pieces of “nature” she placed inside my hand.  It’s funny what you can sense if you only take a moment and close your eyes (the little things that children teach you).  At that moment I felt a bit of excitement.  Although I love summer, it’s a welcomed feeling after two months of extreme temperatures that have, and continue, to soar above 100 degrees.

When I saw this photo from YSL I fell hard for the violet feather dress and lace up boots.  It made me feel a bit more excited for fall’s arrival!
xoxo, B

6 thoughts on “A Hint of Fall

  1. Sunday Taylor says:

    Oh, I agree! I am getting ready for that rush and excitement that comes with all things in Fall. Looking forward to some cooler weather and some fall clothing. Always my favorite season!


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