Hello and Happy Monday ~

Hello and how are you?  It’s wonderful to be back.  I know it’s been a long time… and I have some explaining to do.  Life seemed to take off and I could barely keep up.  School has kept me very, very busy (some nights only a few hours sleep)… projects to complete, papers due, exams to be taken.  Add three children, a husband, home to take care of and two little french bulldogs giving me sad eyes each time I leave and it becomes quite exhausting.  However, after a very busy weekend, I found a few spare moments to sit down and write to  you.
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With that being said, I’ve missed all of  you very much and I have so much to share with you in the coming weeks.
Wishing you a most beautiful week!  xoxo, B

8 thoughts on “Hello and Happy Monday ~

  1. HHL says:

    Welcome back my sweet friend!! can't wait to read more this week… blessings, HHL


    Falling Off A High Heeled Life


  2. VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier says:

    Oh…………so realy great to see you back:-)

    I can imagine when is it so busy time….
    From time to time you must to change your daily life and sometimes it does not very easy!

    Gorgeous image with fairy girl….let me thinking about wonderful Christmass…

    Hugs and Love,


  3. Fay says:

    Buongiorno and welcome back Ive just been catching up with all your DELICIOUS POSTS as I too was away since august have a happy day today love fay xx


  4. Catherine says:

    I'm glad you're back 🙂 I love these photos that you have chosen for today's post. They reminds me on holiday time and New year..I can't wait snow, and all these decorations on the streets 🙂


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