Beautiful Inspiration ~ DIY Bouquets

There is nothing like a pretty bouquet to liven a room.  They are a decorating tool that can take a room from drab to fab in a few moments, like pretty jewels can embellish an ensemble.  They just make me happier when I walk into a room.  Wouldn’t you agree?

This DIY bouquet is easy to recreate and is sure to put a smile on your face.

With the oasis inside of the vase, start lining the inner rim with ti leaves, making sure both the top and bottom are cut at straight angles so they lay evenly in the vase. Continue adding until the entire vase is lined.
Create a circle around the lip of the vase with tape. Then make a grid pattern on the top (a 3×3 fits perfectly) and then secure with a final layer of tape around the circumference.
Begin with the largest flowers (in this example, white hydrangeas) and place them in the vase at varying heights (three shorter and three taller).
Add in the next largest flower (the pink peonies) and spread them out evenly. Trim them so that they’re about the same height as the tallest flower.
Finish with the smallest flowers (the tulips and freesia) and keep them long so that they don’t get lost.
Use extra leaves as filler to cover up any empty spaces and fill with 110-degree water.  The stems absorb warm water more readily, making them less prone to drooping.
Dissolve a commercial flower preservative in the vase’s water. The preservative supplies nutrients for the hydrangeas and prevents bacteria from attacking the blooms and causing them to wilt.
Voila ~ enjoy!
Wishing you a fabulous day!  xoxo, B
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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Inspiration ~ DIY Bouquets

  1. summersoul says:

    I just returned from our local farmers market. I found huge french tulips with the bulbs attached. It is amazing how they brighten a room. Thanks for the tips on how to make this arrangement. It is gorgeous. Happy to have found your blog today.



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