Beautiful Inspiration ~ Dreamy Photography

With only a couple of weeks left of summer vacation, the last days of summer are fleeting by.  Although I am excited about the upcoming school year, I will, as I do each summer, wonder where our time went.  I am never ready to send my children back to school.  I love the laid back schedules of waking each morning and spending the day at our leisure, and creating so many new and wonderful memories.  They enjoy their time with me also; however, I know they are anxiously awaiting their new school year.

I am especially excited about this semester as I have three classes that I will absolutely love ~ Residential Interior Design, Art History II and a writing course. With only six classes left, I’m feeling the excitement of graduation next spring, and getting lost in many ideas and plans swirling about…
Utterly enchanted by these photos by photographer Jingna Zhang… the softness of the light and the positively dreamy cast over delicate layers of tulle and silk chiffon, and striking play of light and shadow.
xoxo, B

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