Happy Monday, Plus Beautiful Inspiration in White & Gold

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  The warm summer days of August are in full swing, and whilst I’m preparing for upcoming fall events with school, I want to share these lovely photos with you.

White and gold has always been a favourite color combination, I can’t seem to get enough these days.  Throw in bits of black and leopard to this luxuriously elegant combo and my heart beats a bit faster…
What are your thoughts on this combination?

Wishing you a most lovely week!  xoxo, B


6 thoughts on “Happy Monday, Plus Beautiful Inspiration in White & Gold

  1. High Heeled Life says:

    OH LA LA mon ami!! that floor in the last photo priceless. White and gold is a gorgeous combination all one needs to change the look is a touch of colour, when the mood strikes.

    Your fall semester courses sound fun!! But for now enjoy the final weeks of this summer … live in the moment .. autumn will be here soon enough ( Autumn is actually my favourite season – so I now how difficult it is not to think about it when it's so close!!!xo)

    Wishing a fabulous week!! Hugs, C. (HHL)


  2. M.A.the2nd says:

    I absolutely love white and gold and that top hallway with the huge mirror is gorgeous! Also, the bathroom!!!!! Hope you are well and have a great week
    best wishes


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