7 Things on My Radar ~ Summer Staples

During the summer months, I love a relaxed style… natural make-up, hair that isn’t fussy, and clothes that are comfortable but look “put together.”

These wide leg pants are super flattering and comfortable.  I had a couple of pairs similar to this style in the past and loved them.  I will be purchasing these asap.

Ps: they’re a tad cheaper hereEnza Costa Wide Leg Linen Pants
I’ve been searching for an authentic French market basket for awhile.  I ordered one last summer but it never arrived… however, this one is on my radar.
Available here

I love this lip balm!  It’s super hydrating, has an SPF 15, and gives a hint of shine.  For the record, it’s creamier once you get past the top layer.
I’m a fan of Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray and now their Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray is on my radar.  I have naturally wavy hair and like to enhance it during the summer; however, the problem is that many salty wave producing products dry out my long, fine hair.
What I like about this product is that it does double duty – you get your blush and bronzer in one product.  In my opinion, it saves time and money since summer is only a few months and I don’t need full size products because my tan fades shortly after summer.  The blush, Nars Orgasm (I know, I know, but stay with me) looks great on everyone I have ever met, and Laguna is subtle and gives a kiss of colour.

This hydrating dry oil sinks right into your skin, leaving it with a lovely glow.  Who wants to have an oily residue on their skin in 100+ temps?  Not me.

I love the colour of these bangles… they remind me of one of my favourite places to be ~ the beach.

What is on your radar this summer?
xoxo, B



2 thoughts on “7 Things on My Radar ~ Summer Staples

  1. VM Creation Atelier says:

    Awesome things:)))*

    Morroccain oil is absolutely fantatsic,I know it and I use it too!
    How beautiful is all things in turqoise color,really:)*

    Thank you for share it here,dear B.

    Wish you sunshine week,
    and thank you SO much for you visit and lovely comments!



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