Parisian Dreams

I hope your week if off to a great start.  Other than meeting with new clients, I am dreaming of Paris.  We have a trip planned in September and I couldn’t be more excited!  Although I have been before, I am compiling a list of home décor shops to visit, as well as the infamous flea markets. 


We also plan to go to the Maison et Objet.  I ordered tickets for this event yesterday (ps: there is no fee for admission if you are an IIDA member).  The Maison et Objet is Europe’s largest design event that features products from around the world, such as textiles, furniture, housewares, and tableware.  There are two shows a year – one in January and the other in September.  During this week, there are many other design events taking place.

Perhaps I will purchase a piece of art from a local artist?

I hope to find a few treasures to bring home.  A few things I will be seeking are vintage textiles and buttons, fine etchings, paintings, and prints, toile du jouy fabric, books, frames, and vintage Hermès scarves.  While these items are on my wish list, I hope to find an unexpected item or two that takes my breath away.


My brother and his wife will be joining us on this trip.  It is their first trip to Paris and they are beyond thrilled.  We will be visiting museums and other tourist sights with them, as well as new dining establishments of traditional French cuisine (I’m open to suggestions).  We rented an apartment in the 7th as this has been our favourite place to stay.  We love the area… the Rue Cler market, patisseries along Rue Saint-Dominique, and my husband is especially fond of El Sol’s ham for midnight snacks.  The locals could not be nicer and our apartment is especially close to the Batobus stop at the Eiffel.

Have you been to the fleas or the Maison et Objet?  What are some of your favourite items to buy?

More Paris photos on my Pinterest page.

xoxo, B


3 thoughts on “Parisian Dreams

  1. VM Creation Atelier says:

    Aaaaahhh….dear B.!:)*

    It sounds SOoooooooo fantatsic!!!
    I wish,I could being in France again….

    Wish you stunning and absolutely enjoyable time together with your family there:)))*

    I look forward to your new posts,my dear friend!



  2. Celia M. High Heeled Life says:

    Oh La La mon ami… I know the summer is not going to go by fast enough for you, with such an adventure awaiting you in September. Mimi from Bonjour Romance lives in Paris and is an amazing gal, I'm certain she would be able to offer up some wonderful suggestions. I'll see what I can find from our last trips there …hugs and blessings C. (HHL)


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