Happy Monday, Plus Decorating With Mirrors

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!  I spent the weekend celebrating with family and friends and visiting the St. Louis’ art museum’s long anticipated new wing.  The new expansion was certainly worth the wait.  It is one of my favourite parts of the city. 
One question I am frequently asked is how to make a room appear larger and brighter.  Most often I reply “mirrors!”  Mirrors are a multifaceted decorating element that not only enhances décor but adds luminosity and balance as well as maximize space.  

I love this sunburst mirror.  Constructed from a wine barrel, it gives a weathered, “beachy” vibe to the classic space.
 Mirrors can become the “art” in a room.  The scale should be proportional and grouped in a visually pleasing pattern. 
By installing a large mirror, a small reception area receives added dimension with the reflection of the light.  It creates a bright, welcoming space.  I love the choice of an oval mirror versus that of a traditional square in this contemporary space.
The placement is key as you do not want to create an undesirable reflection.  They are especially helpful in an area that receives minimal natural light.  These mirrors receive light during the day as well as from the chandelier in the evening.
I love the use of this traditional mirror in an outdoor space.  This unique idea not only enhances the décor but reflects the beautiful garden.  Treated wood and stone frames are most able to withstand weather. 
Wishing you a most beautiful week!
xx, B
Images via Pinterest, Elle Décor, Pinterest, and House Beautiful


3 thoughts on “Happy Monday, Plus Decorating With Mirrors

  1. VM Creation Atelier says:

    Ooohhhh….how fantastic is you post with all these mirrors inspirations,dear B.:)))*

    I like mirrors in all different options….just beautiful space inspirations!!!

    Thakyou fr your very useful advice.

    Wish you great new week,


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