Charming Châteaus ~ Château de L’Ile

If you’re ever in need of overnight accommodations near the Fairy-tale village of Strasbourg, France, this astonishingly beautiful 19th century castle is located in the heart of the romantic Alsace region. The abandoned Château was purchased and restored in 1991 and now accommodates its guest with modern and luxurious comforts, as well as tennis courts, a heated pool, jacuzzi, and spa.

The stunning Château features traditional Alsatian architecture with its timbered and flowered balconies, magical turrets and towers, while nestled in 10 acres of flawless manicured grounds, perfect for leisurely strolls and bicycle rides, or an afternoon picnic.

The well appointed 62 guest rooms feature richly hued wall coverings and bed linens, and are adorned with antique chandeliers and furniture, sloping ceilings, and private balconies that offer stunning views of the River L’ill and the picturesque village of Ostwald.

A cocktail lounge and two restaurants delight guests with signature cocktails and traditional French cuisine and local specialties.  

This five-star countryside Château is pet friendly and one that I hope to visit in the future.


Bisous, B

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