Glamorous Bedrooms, Plus One More

Bonjour, mes amis!  Last week as an incredibly busy week as I wrapped up a new project.  I am hoping this week slows down just a bit… as well as the incredibly cold temps and snow.  I’m over winter and have been for quite some time.

The project was a “glamorous” bedroom design.  This is definitely a style I am on board with!  To begin the project, we built the foundation with the “anchor” pieces such as the bed and desk that she knew she wanted.

We poured over each inspirational photo and talked about what she liked and didn’t like in each.  All of the colours in her photos were neutral and serene.  This will be her sanctuary.
Neutral doesn’t have to be boring.  Various patterns and mirrored furniture lend a layered, luxurious feel.

This bedroom receives an extra dose of glamour with being enveloped in floral, metallic wallpaper.

Ambient lighting allows you to create an atmosphere for an appropriate mood. 

Create an elegant, understated look with crisp lines in a soft palette and monograms.  Lately, I have incorporated monograms into everything from bath towels to bed lines.

Chic accessories are a must.  Various materials add texture and interest…  I especially love to incorporate fresh flowers, abstract art, lucite/acrylic furniture, and faux fur.

I will be donating a 2 Hour Design Consultation to the French Bulldog Rescue Network’s “Bring On Spring” benefit auction beginning March 16th-20th.

It’s a cause close to my heart.  As most of you know, we are currently fostering Mac, who has had a growing vet bill since October.  They have not hesitated a moment with paying for anything and everything he needs, whether it be the hospitalization and many vet appointments he required due to meningitis or the surgeries (dental, neuter, and nares) to get him on his way to his forever family.  Your support is much needed and deeply appreciated.  I would love for one of my reader’s to win!

xoxo, B

If you would like help in creating a home you love, please contact me at

photos via Pinterest

4 thoughts on “Glamorous Bedrooms, Plus One More

  1. miss b says:

    Wonderful inspiration here. I'm a huge fan of neutrals for a bed room as it's so calm and relaxing and as you say it's easy to add interest with different patterns. Different fabrics and textures make such a difference to a room.


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