Delightful Indulgence – Patriotic Ice Cream Cones

Do you have your 4th of July party menu planned?  Over the years I’ve simplified and narrowed down our favourites.  Ice cream is always the dessert of choice.  It’s as american as BBQ, apple pie, and 4th of July celebrations.

These patriotic ice cream cones are as fun to eat as they are to make.  I love creating fun treats for my family and although our kids are getting older, they still love when I make them.  After all, most of us are still kids at heart, aren’t we?  I certainly am.

Red, White, and Blue Chocolate Candy Melts
Ice Cream Cones
4th of July Sprinkles
Chocolate Magic Shell
Whipped Cream

Making these ice cream cones is quick and easy.  Simply melt some colored chocolate candy melts in a bowl, dip the ice cream cones in the melted chocolate. Shake off the excess chocolate, shake on some 4th of July sprinkles and the ice cream cones are done! Step by Step tutorial can be found here.  Scoop your ice cream ahead of time and place the scoops on a cookie sheet and return to the freezer. When you are ready to serve them, remove the scoops from your freezer, place the ice cream scoops on the ice cream cones. Pour some magic shell over them, place a dollop of whip cream and cherry on top. Serve and enjoy!
If you would like help in creating a home you love, please contact me at

Recipe via here.


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