Charming French Blue Doors

Blue Door, Paris Photography, Turquoise, Pastel, French Home Decor, Paris Print, Baroque, Architecture, Ornate - First Impressions on Etsy, $35.00

I love the blue doors of France and currently dreaming of one of my own.  My front door has gone through a few colours and is currently red.  In need of new paint, I’m deciding which shade of blue will work with the current colour scheme of brick and brown or if I should switch to a different shade of red.

Paris -  Blue Doors

Taken by my sister Cheryl in the Marais district of Paris, for me. (I was almost in the photo!)

Paris Photograph  Navy Blue Door Parisian Travel Fine by ParisPlus
Not a door but I love the colour of the shutters, especially with the pink flowers.  Gorgeous.

Old Grimaud, Provence, France

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