Bonjour Monday, Plus 11 Signs You’re Meant to Live in Paris

Bonjour mes amis!  I hope you had a lovely weekend!  Ours was full of sunshine and adventure.  An Interior Design fashion show on Friday evening was followed by bicycle rides, sunset champagne toasts over the lake, and leisure drives through stunningly beautiful parks.  I love seeing the leaves change and the crip morning air that autumn brings. The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful.  I think it’s easy to forget what our local towns offer.  I’m trying to post more on my Instagram account.
I subscribe to various shelter magazines but still love to peruse the websites.  Although I’ve seen this before, I stumbled upon it once again – signs that you’re meant to live in Paris.  Asking if your home is a reflection of an inner ambition to move to a pied-à-terre in the City of Light…
  1. At your house, bottles of eau de parfum aren’t solely reserved for vanities. 2.Also, you’re obsessed with things that come in orange boxes. So much so that, instead of parting with the packaging you stack it as an objet d’art.  I’m guilty of this!  Some of the boxes are too beautiful to dispose of.  They’re a work of art themselves.  Ps: how fantastic are the boots on the right?  Anyone know the designer?
3. Brocade and velvet are your favorite textures.  Yes, especially velvet!
4. Your balcony is wrapped in ornately melded wrought iron.  I wish!  I do, however, have an beautiful wrought flower box reminiscent of the Parisian window boxes as well as casement windows.  I’m also adding French-style shutters.  Is that close enough?  I think so so I’m going with a yes.
5. Fans, no way! When it comes to what’s hanging overhead, it’s either an antique chandelier or Serge Mouille lighting.  My husband has been asking for a ceiling fan for years and I simply won’t have it.  The thought of a fan overhead makes me cringe.  I have a belief that every room needs a chandelier.
6. You are a master at mixing the classics with contemporary pieces.  Right again!  This is definitely my style!
7. As far as you’re concerned, all-white bedding is the only option. 8. When not sleeping, you prefer to kick your feet up on a chaise lounge or tête-à-tête sofa.  I recently replaced our bedding and, in my opinion, all white is the best.  I incorporated dove grey velvet accent pieces and drapery to keep it from becoming too stark.
9. Your alarm clock is Cartier.  On my wishlist!  Actually, anything Cartier is on my wishlist.
10. You’re never low on fromage and baguettes.  This is definitely true in our home!  We love bread and cheese.  I simply could live on bread, cheese, and champagne/wine… oh, and chocolate and pastries.
11. You collect Paris memorabilia (who can say no to a mini Eiffel Tower?!).  For me, it’s books!  I have a love for books but books on Paris has crossed over to obsession, plus my husband buys several for me a year.  Confession: I have some that I have not read yet and are still in the wrapping.  That is how many books I have on Paris and I wouldn’t have it any other way…
Now that I’ve established that I need to live in Paris, I need to get my husband and kids on board!  A girl can dream can’t she?  Are you meant to live in Paris also?
Wishing you a beautiful week!
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3 thoughts on “Bonjour Monday, Plus 11 Signs You’re Meant to Live in Paris

  1. VM Creation Atelier says:

    So gorgeous inspirational post,Brenda!!!

    LOVE all these choices of you………………
    Amazing balcony,oh my!!!
    And those image # 6 stole my heart….!:)))*

    Wish you lovely last September week,dear friend,


  2. miss b says:

    What a wonderful post with such beautiful images. I have an obsession with books on Paris and love to receive them as gifts too. White sheets – definitely.


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