7 Things on My Radar: Nov, Plus 1 More

I rounded up 7 things I’ve been eyeing lately.  With the holidays quickly approaching, there will parties, travel, and fun family outings.

I’m in love with this studded belt and plan to purchase it this week.  I just can’t decide which one to choose 1|| I’ve mentioned how I’m a tad obsessed with cobalt this season.  These boots would be perfect for just about any ensemble 2|| I plan to combat limp hair during the harsh winter months with this thickening mist {plus I love the packaging!} 3|| Leopard is a neutral and is perfect for any season.  How cute are these sunglasses? 4|| I’m smitten with floppy hats and I would wear this one with my Cavalli cape and the cobalt boots 5|| I’m searching for a sequin tank for upcoming holiday parties.  The price is a steal on this one 6|| This parka is fashionable and warm.  It will be perfect for the upcoming trips to Chicago and shopping the Magnificent Mile and fun family outings to the zoo, Christmas tree farm, etc. Last winter, the cold was unbearable and I plan to be prepared this year. 7
Holiday Beauty Kit

I included this wonderful gift set that was in my inbox this morning.  It samples many wonderful products at a good savings, and the SHOW thickening cream that I feature above is in the set also.  It’s the perfect gift for a friend or yourself.

Available here



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