Décor Inspiration || The Art of French Decorating

French interiors are notably embellished with beautiful paneling, trumeau mirrors, antiques, and stunning architectural details.  Celebrating beauty by blending tradition with whimsy, French interiors are as comfortable as they are stunning by defining each room with art, furnishings, and interesting objets.  Being a Francophile at heart, I look for inspiration in Parisian bistros, our apartment rentals, museums, and simply exploring the arrondissements.  When in Paris, I love perusing the quaint antique shops and flea markets, chatting with the dealers, interested in learning the history of each unique piece that catches my eye and soaking up every detail.  When I’m not shopping the fleas in person, I source antiques and furnishing from various dealers for my clients.  This is my passion.  Designing beautiful interiors is not simply a “job” but the way I love to spend my time.  As the saying goes, “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”  This is true for me.

№ 01: Antiques

№ 02: Chandeliers

№ 03: Herringbone and chevron floors.

№ 04: Paneled walls with intricate carved wood detailing

№ 05: Beautiful art

№ 06: Gilded mirrors

№ 07: Pops of colour



I’m rebranding my interior design business and look forward to sharing it with you once it’s complete…

Photos via here


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