Design Inspiration: Scandinavian Christmas Charm

This charming 1920’s Scandinavian home with its dark red exterior has the appearance of Christmas all year.  On the inside, one is greeted with an enchanted winter wonderland of Christmas past in traditional Scandinavian style, the homeowner’s native.  The decor includes tin hearts, a magnificent gingerbread house with glittering white frosting and splendid windows, evergreen trees and candlelight.
A warm white-on-white palette with hits of natural greenery.
A charming gingerbread house stays on display all through the winter.
The green on white theme complements the natural pine floors.
The antique corner cupboard was inherited from the homeowner’s grandfather.
For a romantic touch, a moss-covered wreath lit with faux candles hangs over the coffee table.
A beautiful nativity scene is nestled between two wooden bell towers.
A hand-made Christmas ornament fashioned from an antique tart tin adorns the Christmas tree.
A tiered candelabra on a table is decked with traditional Scandinavian tin hearts, angels and coloured candles.
An antique French armoire with touches of beautiful decorations from Sweden.
I love the trailing houseplants growing up and over the window, creating a garland effect.
Outdoors, a layered exterior vignette is arranged with candlelit outdoor lanterns, evergreens and ornaments strung on bare branches, all on a backdrop of freshly fallen snow.

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